I was thinking of personal loans…

I was talking to Naral on the phone today, and I told her I was thinking about asking for one of those personal loans usually families turn to to solve financial troubles. It would be good to allow Naral to come over here and get all what she needs for the unborn baby. I offered to ask for a loan for her, but she said she’s gotta think about it. Alright, I will just wait and see then. ^^

By the way, she said we could probably do something for a business credit or one of those business loans for her dad, since he’d like to put up a shop here where I live but he doesn’t have enough money to do it. Well, all I could suggest was EzUnsecured or BusinessCreditMagic, since I heard they are the best services around, very trustworthy and with years of experience on their background. They aren’t cheap at all ^^” But I guess it’s the quality that counts, isn’t it?

So well, she said she’ll talk to her dad about it. I just wish he would accept meeting me for once :( I mean… does he seriously dislike me??? I have never done nothing bad to his daughter! xP Just because I’m not Bajoran doesn’t mean I’m an ass. *shivers* That man should open his mind… and heart. At least for his daughter’s sake :(

The truth

I’ve meant to post about this a long time ago, but I never really managed… So, I’m going to tell the truth now… to all of you.

The truth… the truth is that I’ve never really forgotten about her. About Naral. I love her with my soul, and the more the time passes, the more I wish I could marry her and be by her side forever. And take care of her baby as if he was mine.

Ragheil, Naral’s husband, died on the year eve of 2009, leaving Naral pregnant. We’re getting close again now, even though I still feel kind of uncomfortable doing it… After all, I respected her husband, even though she was forced to marry him. But now he’s gone, a bad cancer taking him away from the world.. And Naral… is alone, with her parents, and her unborn baby. She wants me, she tells me everyday on Yahoo IM, she wants to get together… but things for me have to be a little slower. Love is still a scaring feeling to me..

But I promise, Naral… I’ll be by your side. Always. Even though, for now… I can only be a friend. Until my heart opens to love again.