Hekerd – I long to meet you

I haven’t been around for the last couple of weeks, but I didn’t miss out on the best events in the family and that’s such a relief! :) Naral’s father made it possible for me to be home on December 4th to celebrate two of my siblings’ birthday, and I’m thankful for that.

I enjoy working part-time at his home-made food business. It’s ‘ancient’, in a way, but sometimes it helps to forget the worst part of modern life. Yes, I know I’m a son of technology, but the need to detach myself from nuts and bolts from time to time is real and strong. And anyway, I will only work at Naral’s dad’s for another month (I’m replacing a worker on sick days). Wonderful experience; will never forget these moments. :)

Among the other news, I heard that my parents are going to adopt again.

It’s an Electronian-like robot, built by humans on Earth— in a few words, a robot just like me and the Robocitans.

The name’s Hekerd and he’s a boy. His alt-mode is a Dodge Charger R/T Plus — an auto model by the Chrysler Group; really beautiful, I saw it at Arrigo Automotive, a South FL dealer. My parents sent me a photo of my brother-to-be: he’s really handsome and his expression is sweet albeit sad. I wonder what kind of past does he hide behind that look. He’s gotten to my heart strings and I really long to meet him.

Perhaps on Christmas. Oh, I want to go home for Christmas. I’ll take Naral and the kids along. ^_^ I’m sure they’ll be happy to meet their new brother-in-law and uncle.

Mom said Hekerd has a strange obsession for his aluminum wheels and spends a lot of time to clean and wax them. LOL. That reminds me so much of Lynxie. :)

I hope he agrees on having a friendly brother-to-brother race. I’m curious to see how his 370 HP HEMI V8 engine works. Mine’s not great, but I don’t care about winning. I’m only an old 89’s Ford Fiesta. LOL! Certainly I can do little if compared to a powerful 2012 Dodge, but I’m fine with that; after all, we’re only brothers having some fun. Moments like that help the bonding and build complicity.

Adoptions are always welcome in the Berter family. I’m a supporter of this dynamics. My brother Ratty won’t be plased — as usual — but I can understand him; I used to be jealous until I began to realize that more siblings meant getting more love my way. And giving back, at all times.

So I pray for new adoptions in 2013. No, I look forward to it. For granted. ^^