In defense of Walgreens

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sorry guys, but I feel I need to join my family’s blogging crusade in defense of Walgreens, the prescription drugs and health products provider.

The ongoing dispute between Walgreens and Express Script is affecting a lot of people, both Walgreens and Express Script customers (patients), including US troops on the Tricare health program and employees whose employers have Walgreens as a pharmacy option.

I remember when – on 2010, I think – Walgreens’ initiative named Way to Well Fund made so many people happy, by providing the most disadvantaged communities a pack of sanitary information pamphlets and free health tests. That initiative was an act of humanity and compassion that could hardly be forgotten.

And today? As a response to Express Script’s selfish decision, the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club replies by helping its customers-patients further, with a lot of discounts and an annual membership that costs less than a magazine… $5 per person, and all needed pharmacy products for a year. Generous, isn’t it? All to relief the burden suddenly put on people’s shoulders by Express Script’s decision.

If anything, I hope Walgreens will find a new, trustworthy distributor that won’t play such dirty games on the face of people in need.

To show some support, we can add @Walgreens on Twitter and ‘Like’ Walgreens on Facebook. I’m going to, and would like to ask you to follow suit, if that’s okay with you. We can help a little, together. :)

P.S. Naral is going to support Walgreens too!

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