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February 14th, 2011 at 4:45 pm
Filed under baby, sweet feelings, updates, wife

My “long entry” about my wedding day is almost finished, and I will post it up tomorrow in the morning. :) For now, only a small update.

Naral was so sweet to buy me a Plantronics Voyager headset, with integrated Bluetooth. Oh, I wouldn’t imagine that she would gift me anything outside my birthday or other feasts! *__* How wonderful she is! Better wife in the world, trust me. <3

Regarding my daughter, she’s growing up to be a technician, I believe. She is showing an innate love for electronic devices and toy vehicles, and she’s alway excited when we take her out to the park, because she has the possibility to observe a lot of cars and other means of transport passing by. Well, she’s a worthy daughter to a robot father. :D Ahah. I’m so proud of Laira!


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