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   A cellphone named Optimus… like grandpa!  

November 25th, 2010 at 1:00 am
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This post brought to you by LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

My grandfather’s birthday recurred last month, on October 16th, but for a variety a reasons we did not celebrate it. We did today, at home, with a simple dinner and some present giving. Unfortunately, because of the lack of a salary (I got fired last week, long story =.=) I could not buy my present for grandpa together with my brothers Sunny and Sides. It’s a real pity. I intended to purchase a LGphone, a new one that was released on September 17th, which I thought to suit grandpa’s persona well, because it’s called LG Optimus. Yes, the phone carries HIS name. ^^ Hehe. That’s the exact reason why I chose it for a birthday present. I think grandpa would be proud of owning such a cellphone! ;)

Actually, there are other reasons besides the name, that pushed me to choose this cell phone as  a present for my grandfather Optimus Prime:

  1. the phone is powered by Android 2.2, and it was optimized to use Google Mobile Services
  2. it loads programs and web-pages a lot faster than other cellphones
  3. it can use the Wi-Fi network thanks to hotspot detection
  4. last but not least… it has a nice camera :D Ihih!

I might not be great at choosing presents, but I believe this one was a good choice. Just perfect, I’d say. Now, what I need is money, which unfortunately I won’t be able to spent until I get a new job, or at least until Sides and Sunny  approve my idea. Let’s see what happens. I definitely need a new job anyway, especially now that I’m about to get married! >.<

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