Helping dad with a business finance matter

I got a call from dad just half an hour ago. He asked me to help him with a Business Finance matter (for a client of grandpa’s, as he’s torn between a Small Business Finance solution and Personal Loans. I suggested he goes for a Small Business Financing system, as he’s trying to start an activity as a merchant, and a personal loan wouldn’t be legal in that case; he needs a Business Loan. I had to do with Unsecured Loans before – not business ones – and I hope they will listen to my advice. Of course if the client’s not going to follow directions, it won’t be dad’s and grandpa’s fault.

For other news, Naral and I are going on vacation to Madrid on the last week of July. Just a 3-days vacation, not much, but I want to show her some places on Earth, and let her relax. :) We’re going to miss Laira and our families, of course, but it’s just three days and they can wait. ;P

Oh BTW, on July 7th Naral and I celebrated little Laira’s first birthday. :D She was so adorable! We dressed her in pink, and she looked just too precious for words. The party celebration was done on Bajor, and only dad and a few siblings could come, but it was awesome nonetheless. *_*

I’ll be commenting some blogs of yours today, my dear friends, and I hope you forgive me for not keeping in touch. You know how jambled with things my life is. I love you all. <3