Finally on vacation, and other things ^^

Been some weeks already. :) I passed my exams and now I have about 15 days of vacation before the next exam session starts; but it’s only one exam left to do for the year, so I can pretty much relax for the moment. Not bad. ^^

I’m helping my sister Scarlette get started on proper web design these days. She’s a great artist already (just see her domain! Her layout is wonderful!) but she needs to learn many things before she can call herself a true ‘designer': PHP, XML, Flash, Java, etc. Scarly seems attracted by the charms of a flash website design, even though I don’t personally recommend it for SEO reasons; I believe the best web design to be made in HTML/XHTML, CSS and XML only, with as little images and animations as possible. This is not to discourage creative artists such like my sister from using other tools and resources, but simply because our Search Engines nowadays can’t read flash files and most image files yet, only text and ordinary links (or images with titles and alt text). Seen the limitations, it’s important to play your cards well if you want a website (especially a client’s website) to rank well. But yeah, these arguments are just my humble opinion on the matter. I will still continue helping my sister through anything she wants to learn and improve. ^_^ I trust her sense of measure.

Family-wise, I’m simply enjoying being a father too much. *___* Laira is a sweethearts, and she just recently started to move her first steps on the ground. You can imagine how excited Naral and I were! :D Laira will turn 1 year old on July 7th, and we’re planning great things for her very first special day. Sometimes I really don’t understand other young fathers complaining about having children earlier than the average people: it’s just too big a blessing for words!! *__*

Well, I’m off to sleep now. Goodnight. ^_^

P.S. OMG, it’s June 17th! *___* My mom’s 25th birthday!