It’s shocking..

My brother Hound was shocked when he saw this, and honestly, I was too :( Have you ever even imagined that a Yamaha Rhino Rollover could actually cause serious injuries to people, and that a special injury case has been set up just for this kind of trouble?! Well, I was astonished when my bro and I found out about this. Look at this to see proof of what I’m saying :(

And the reason behind all this? The defective design of the vehicle xP It’s really shameful, as a car/rollover should be designed for a human being’s safety and not the contrary :( Hound knows this very well, as he’s a Jeep himself, and he immediately said that the Rhino wheels are way too thin to guarantee stability on offroad terrain. Plus, the top of the Rhino is too heavy compared to its rear part, which makes it unbalanced and thus unstable. The result? People getting serious limbs injuries and broken bones. It’s good that Yamaha has recalled most of its defective vehicles now, and I hope they’re going to fix these defects before putting these vehicles back on the market. I don’t like the fact that they blamed the drivers for the accidents, anyway :grr: I mean… some drivers may surely be too aggressive, but how come that injury cases were so consistent? Maybe everyone should take ethics more into consideration when it comes to these things.. (Sorry about the rant..)