Maths :3

Even if it won’t be included in my list of quizzes for accessing University in two weeks, and even though it won’t be a subject of my curricula… I’m trying to improve some Maths. ;3 Why? Because I saw my mommy revising for her own pleasure, as she told me that mathematics has a relaxing effect on her. So… I chose to give it a try too XD And hey! It works! Next time I’m gonna borrow a book from her, “L’Enigma Dei Numeri Primi” (Music of the Primes) by Marcus Du Sotoy. But first, I’m gonna revise Algebraic Relationships this week :3 Yep!

Bad news… Good news…

You may be wondering about the layout change, right? ^^” Well I shall explain… Practically, I got the same problem as my brother Arrow had… I upgraded my WordPress last time and what do I get?! My theme was gone! xP Stupid me I should say, because I didn’t back up the theme before upgrading (and because I had it replace the old default theme too). Yah… Oh well. I’m happy with the new theme I edited anyways ^^ Still green and nice XD

As for the other news… er… I have a bad news and two good news… so I think it’s better starting from the bad one, because it’s nicer to end reading a blog entry with something more cheerful, isn’t it?

  • Mom and her boyfriend…
  • broke up ;__; So that’s it, I have no father again… My first adopted father died two years ago and the hope to get a new one vanished completely now. I’m so sad right now that I want to cry again, really… I just hope I can still see my brother Dingo because I won’t accept to loose him too (since he was my mom’s ex’s little robot). But that hope is starting to fade too now…

  • My 20th Birthday (August 14th, 2008)
  • At least, my birthday party was saved from any kind of sufference ^^ The party with my family and friends was great, and I especially loved when my brother Ratch sneaked behind his twin Doc and started singing Happy Birthday to me together with all of my brothers and sisters XD It was so cute! I didn’t even expect that he’d come! He also made me BIG wonderful presents! *_* A set of pens and a pocket computer for University and he even baked a chocolate cake ;9 YUM! So I had two cakes for my 20th birthday XD Yay! A cake for each decade *giggles* Then I got so many things from my mom and brothers and sisters too :3 A new schoolbag, a shirt and a pair of jeans for when I’m in human form, Adidas shoes, a Naruto DVD and loads of cards and drawings. Could I be any happier? X3

  • I met a new friend
  • I met him in the other Universe. His name is BlackStar. He’s a nice mech, maybe a little enigmatic… I didn’t talk to him a lot, but he was curious about me and I, well, I think he may be a really good friend of mine :3 I need trusted friends so badly, heh. I feel I can trust BlackStar.

    I’ll tell you more stuff next time though. Take care everyone!