I’m back! :D

Yay, I’m back! xD I still can’t believe that I’m gonna get a diploma :D Tomorrow I have another written exam and then and interrogation next week. I hope everything goes well. I’ve been studying hard for 2 months by now, and I shouldn’t have any troubles. I think I will manage to pass the exams with a good score :3 Cheerlead for me, guys! xD

The only thing that saddens me, and pisses me off a bit too, is that because of my exams I had to stay unactive for looong time on the net, and I lost some awesome affiliates T____T *sigh* I wish this hadn’t happened, but there’s nothing I can do :( They have their reasons for not wanting an unactive affy, and I got my reasons for not updating and focusing on my studies. Sorry guys. I hope you understand me. :(

Regarding this site, today I shall update the Visitor page with 1 tutorial and a guide: PHP Includes and Free Web Hosts. I will also update my own personal page with more interesting info about me, myself and I :P

And remember that I’m OPEN for affies and link exchanges!!! So go and apply xD

Now, some words about my life. Let’s see… I’m officially in love with Naral and I wish everything but being refused by her… but I’m afraid it won’t last if I keep being so much doubtful about her love for me :'( After the break-up with Giulia, it’s like I don’t believe in love anymore… I did everything to catch Naral’s attention, and now that she loves me so much I… I don’t even have the courage to ask her to stay together T__T Bleh, I’m so not a strong ‘bot. *sigh* I wanna fight my fears, but I can’t manage… for now. I hope she won’t get bored with me soon :(

My brothers are encouraging me a lot, but I wish that’d be enough. Anyways, thank you Rattilus, Sonny, Atlas and Starlight! ^^ You’re so the best brothers in the whole world!!!

Tomorrow after the exam I will see Naral again. I hope I won’t be a speech-less fish as always -_-